Long Distance Checklist

Long Distance Move Checklist

  1. Open new bank accounts.
    Transfer funds and anything you have in your safety deposit box.
  2. Health Care.
    Take the time to choose new health professionals. Research the Internet for doctors, dentists, specialists and hospitals. Ask new friends and working
    colleagues for recommendations.
  3. Prescriptions.
    Be sure to get a couple of months’ worth of prescriptions from your doctor before moving.
  4. Medical Records.
    Get copies of doctor’s records and case records and have them forwarded to your new doctor.
  5. Insurance.
    Check all of your insurance policies to ensure that coverage will continue in your new area. If not, ask your insurance agent for a recommendation.
  6. Memberships.
    Formally resign or transfer memberships from any local organizations or associations.
  7. School Records.
    Ask the school to make a copy for you to take with you.
  8. Borrowed Items.
    Return library books, rental videos or other items you may have borrowed from friends or neighbours.
  9. Trip to new home.
    Pack a first aid box and a food and beverage “care package” for the trip to your new home.