Moving Day

Moving Checklist

  • Have a notepad or clipboard handy to jot down reminders.
  • Have everything packed and ready to go by the time your helpers arrive.
  • Make sure the movers have clear directions to your new home and that someone
    will be there to greet them.
  • Make sure the moving van has a convenient place to park. Mark off the parking
    area with cones or other suitable objects. Make sure the moving truck doesn’t
    block a neighbour’s driveway.
  • When loading and unloading, make sure the movers don’t walk over your
    neighbour’s lawn.
  • Try not to move too early or too late in the day.
  • Confine your pet or arrange for a friend or family member to care for your pet
    during the move. Another alternative is to take your pet to the groomer for the
  • Food and refreshments for your family and the movers.
  • Leave your old house as clean as you would like to find your new house. Clean
    as much as you can before moving day, and then make a final check after
    everything is out.
  • Stay around until the movers are finished loading. You will be asked to sign a
    bill of lading and to check an inventory sheet. Read the documents carefully
    before signing.
  • Remember the last walk-through of all rooms.
  • If the movers have done a good job for you, it is customary to tip them around
    $20 each, depending on the difficulty of the move.


  • It will be less stressful if you know that you don’t have to unpack everything
    in one day or even in one week.
  • If you have prepared well, furniture and boxes can be unloaded directly into
    the correct rooms.
  • Focus on one room at a time, beginning with the kitchen, followed by the