Moving With Children

With Children

  • Provide children with as much information as possible about the move and allow
    them to participate in decision-making discussions.
  • Familiarize the children with the new area using maps, photographs and related
    Internet sites. Talk about the positive aspects of their new home, school and
    neighbourhood. Encourage questions and invite children to talk about their
  • For young children, make the move an adventure. Encourage them to pack their
    own things, leaving favourite toys until the end.
  • Resist the temptation to send children away during the move unless they are
    very young. Participating will help them adjust more easily to their new
  • For older children who are leaving friends, sports teams and their school,
    emphasize how easy it is to keep in touch through e-mail and the telephone.
  • After the move, participate with the kids in local religious events, Scouts or
    Girl Guides and community sport teams.
  • No matter how well you have prepared your children, expect them to be a little
    upset. The emotional impact is greater for older children than for younger
    children. Watch for signs of depression.